Here’s a little bit of information about us. Feel free to follow us on twitter and ask us about our pets or whatever.

Erin (@Th3RoadVirus) - Erin our beardless nerd and fearless leader. She rolls the dice that make the party curse and swear. Her plans are thoughtful, thorough, and utterly destroyed within seconds of the party’s arrival. Her hidden talent is the innate ability to come up with a godawful plan and have it actually work out pretty well.

Mike (@jdarksun) - Mike is a professional writer and he also makes computers do novel things. Mike eats only character sheets, drinks the tears of player and DM alike, and accepts only custom dice as currency.

Andrew (@aoatway) - Andrew writes a bunch of the words on this site, including the ones you’re reading right now. This is why there are a bunch of extra vowels everywhere. Mostly because he’s Canadian! So exotic.

Renee (@N1tSt4lker) - Renee reigns supreme over a three ring circus by day, teaching tricks to unruly animals. By night, she engages in the single most exhausting activity in the known universe (genocide is #2).

David - No one has ever seen his face. Some say he is ninety percent Rubik’s cube by mass, and shaking his hand reveals the entirety of the cosmos to you. All we know is he’s called David! Dear writers of Top Gear holy crap I’m so sorry.

Adam (@DeamonIzual), -  It was written in the Old Times that the One Nerd would arise. Adam has trained his whole life to become that nerd. Capable of slinging out lethal puns from ninety paces, Adam is a master of the comedic smackdown. His formative years were spent lost at sea; he was raised by a carp caught in his beard. He knows seventeen words for dice, but only one word for love.

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