Dungeon World 9: On Strange Tides do we Ride (Underworld 3)

Sam, Zharko, and Oric recover from their recent battle and continue exploring. This cave sure has a lot of weird sounds, huh? Do rocks normally shriek like that? And make that sloshing noise? 

Ah, it's probably fine! Just keep wandering into the darkness. Yes, further. Further. Put out your torches too, maybe? Once your eyes get accustomed to the lack of light, everything is fine. Once you let the darkness into you all becomes clear.

Wait, what? Sorry. I zoned out there for a second. 

At the end of the episode the party discovers a thing! What should they do with it, though? Tweet to @ThatDnDPodcast with either #RunAwayQuickly, #NukeItFromOrbit, or #GetCloser

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