Force and Destiny -10- Secrets?

And now, it is time for new members and lightsabers and what do we do with that pirate, anyway? So far, we've all been entertained with the holocron losing/chasing, pirate-nabbing, bad-guy-bribing antics of BR-88 (Adam), Seth Hylo (Alan), Kik'tl (Jonathan), Rayner Kaj (Rob), Duxa, (Zach), and intrepid story-master Mike jdarksun Berard. Last week you got a brief foreshadowing of our newest not-quite-a-Jedi. So now, be entertained, as Ald Gene (Andrew) gets a new directive that flings him into our pirate-knockout party. Enjoy!

As always, feel free to drop us a line with comments, questions, or general regalery!

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