Force & Destiny - 04 - Negotiations

Ahoy mateys!

Mike "jdarksun" Berard here with another Force & Destiny episode!  Join Adam, Allen, Jonathan, Rob, Zach, and myself as the Rising Knights showcase their skills in dealing with some would-be space pirates, then pick up another pirate for... let's call it a work-release program.  I'm sure it's legit.  It's really all about the pirates on That Space Pirate Podcast!


Drop us a line if you're enjoying this trip to a galaxy far, far away - we love to hear from our listeners!

I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting this episode - hopefully I'm a better GM than I am a podcast editor!  We're looking at some stuff on our end, and hopefully I can get my issues worked out as soon as possible.  Thanks for listening!

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